Color Does Makes A Difference
Even under the ice color still makes huge difference; whether it's walleyes or panfish. I always carry several colors of my jigs and lures on the ice.

Try Jigging Down - By lowering your rod slowly while jigging you can catch those fish that simply hold the jig versus striking it. Just watch your line for a slight bow while lowering and jigging, and then set the hook. Jigging lures should be dropped straight to the bottom and then jerked upward in a quick motion with the wrist allowing the lure to flutter to the bottom. Be alert at all times because most strikes come when the lure is sinking.

Great Ice Fishing Tips and Techniques to Help You Catch More Fish
Walleye Ice Fishing Tips & Techniques
Crappie Ice Fishing Tips & Techniques

Secrets Of The Pros
Some of the top ice-anglers in the country divulge 30 secrets of successful ice-fishing.

Crazy for Crappies – By Chris Hustad
Crappie Ice Fishing Tips. Link to a few tips that hopefully can help you get on your way to catching more crappies.

Ice Fishing Safety
For many of us in northern climates, working or playing on the frozen surface of a river or lake is part of winter. Knowing how to do so safely can be a matter of life or death. 

Keep Ice Fishing Simple – by Colin D. Crawford
The problem with ice fishing, in many cases, is that people let themselves get bored, or cold, or discouraged. That doesn't have to be the case. It's a matter of being willing to change and try something new.

Ice Fishing Equipment Checklist
There is always something to forget, so here is a list of what to bring along.

Walleye Fishing Articles
From Fishing Pro's and Outdoor writers.

Ice Fishing at Night – By Mark Strand
Read about how the personality of after-dark ice fishing is strikingly different than the gung-ho, drill-and-go style modern anglers employ at midday.

Winter Strategies for Walleyes – by Colin D. Crawford
The key to ice fishing, as it is in any fishing is location. Of course at this time of year [winter] it is hard to troll to find active fish, but in a sense you can apply the methods that you use in the summertime.

Ten Ice Fishing Tips and Techniques  – by Steve Ryan
The next time you are on the ice and are a few fish short of a fish short of a limit, instead of uttering those dreaded words ("The fish just stopped biting"), try these tips and techniques.

Ice Fishing Tips & Techniques
More ice fishing tips that will help you catch a few more fish this season.

Crappies - When catching a crappie remember that crappies are a schooling fish so once you catch one, more fish are likely in the area. So take your time and try a few different jigs and vary the depth of your presentation if you don't have a flasher

Fishing School
Identification of freshwater fish


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Reliable Ice Fishing Lures - Probably one of the most reliable and well known type of ice fishing lure is the Jig. Ice fishing through a relatively small hole means vertical fishing only, and jigs lend themselves well to this.






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